Video workshop as support for efficient marketing, know-how for the correct creation of video material for social media and videos for your homepage . Regardless of the field, professional video material does not have to be expensive and can often be produced in-house. I support you in your project, address specific problems, projects or ideas and try to pass on my know-how in order to be able to create professional marketing material without professionals.

What I offer:

  • Weiterbildung zum Thema Video-Produktion
  • Videoworkshop zu Ihren Themen
  • Videoproduktion mit Smartphone, Spiegelreflex und Co.
  • Video-Workflow
  • Video-Content für Social-Media und Online-Präsenz
  • Kamera-Workshop mit eigenen Kameras
  • Einführung in Schnitt
  • Einführung in Audio-Produktion

Your advantage

  • Video-Content ohne viel Aufwand
  • Kein Zukauf oder Mieten von Equipment
  • Eigene Ressourcen nutzen und ausbauen
  • Social-Media Präsenz stärken
  • Website mit eigenen Video-Inhalten ausstatten

My aim is that you can use the resources available to produce your own content and videos and thus use them on your social media channels and website. My video workshop and training can be adapted as required and tailored specifically to your topics.

Neben meiner beruflichen Tätigkeit als VideographContent CreatorDesigner und Produzent, leite ich derzeit auch Kurse an der Akademie Media zum Video-Produktion und einen Videotechnik-Kurs am Wifi in Linz. 

Wieso Videomarketing?

Video has always been an important part of my life. When I made my first money, I immediately bought a camcorder and made many small videos, which are still stored on a hard drive somewhere. I began to deal more and more with the topic of video and my passion for film grew. My passion for film is unrestrained and even today I watch an average of 5-6 films a week. Thank God my wife supports my crazy love. But what is it that made me so enthusiastic about video and why was my studies shaped by motion picture?

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