Below you will find some of my work from the last few years, months and weeks, and you can use the search function. In addition to some websites and design works, you will find a variety of video projects, animations and also abstract things. You will also find some of my student projects, which simply represent my great interest and broad range of skills. You will find image films, product videos, music videos, social media content and many more. If you have any questions, just contact me over my email address for more info.

Lehner Liftechnik Imagefilm

Altes Hallenbad Gallneukirchen

Weinlese - Weinbau Steurer-Maier

Oppenborn Imagefilm

Biohof Achleitner - Auslieferungs-L├Âsung

Mobility Event Video 2023

DPD - Doorman App

Tractive - World's Greatest Television

Lampaka-Ranch - Vier Jahreszeit Video

Wer ist Tom Mag Nuss?

Our London Trip - Travelvideo

Compact Cleaning - Kundenvideo

Hochzeit Lena & Flo

Corporate Intro video

Holter - Erfolgsgeschichte ITPRO

Ventopay - Testimonial & erkl├Ąrvideo

Tischlerei P├╝hringer Lehrlingsfilm


It's already inside - short film

Blue Light - short film

Antonella Barbara - Imagefilm

ITPRO - Produktvideo mit Kunden GKB

BREL - Konzert-Trailer

Rofima - Image-Web-Film

Machkadrama - Sternenmalerei

ITPRO - Dienstleistungs ERP

Sika - Sarnafil Video

Galli gewinnt - SP├ľ Wahlvideo 2021

go for a walk!?

Seca Holzwelt - Image Video

Machkadrama - Zeitfenster Live Video

Tourguide-App Video

SPA - Machkadrama Musikvideo

ITPRO - Radurlaubnavi

Fahrschule Mayr - 25 Jahre

RRS - Rehearsal Room Sessions

ITPRO - Unternehmensvorstellung

Podcast Production

Visitenkarte Redesign

#wirsindeww Social Media Kampagne

Whom Can I Blame - Offizielles Musik Video

SOULEEN feat. Bustafied Official Music Video

EWW Recruiting Campain

CONNEX Loyalty - Produktvideo

ITPRO - 20 Jahre Feier

Recruiting Design Relaunch

Corporate Intro video

FAKE NEWS - Und was passiert wenn die Wahrheit stirbt

KUNST ma helfen - Kunstprojekt

20 Jahre ITPRO - Imagefilm

Kiteriders Travel Brasilien

Kiteriders Montenegro - Imagefilm

Poster design for toilets

20 Jahre Feier - Einladung

Bustafied - Live Video

Nebenarmflutung Traun - EWW


Energiesparmesse Wels EWW

Produktvideo CONNEX


Social Media Videos EWW

Bustafied - On Demand Lyric Video

Bustafied - Made Myself Aware Music Video



Alles Nichts

Audio Plexus


Fahrschule Mayr


Audio Cube


King and Pawn

Dark Matter

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