Pictoment Website & Logo

For the start-up company PICTOMENT, which sells fotobox accessories and also rents out fotoboxes, I designed the Logo and the CI. I started with some drawings and sketches and with the costumers feedback I made a Logo which not only resembles their company but also their vision. It is simple but highly recognizable and since then the company had a great start and is very successful.

The first website was pretty simple but effective in it's entirety. I programmed everything from scratch using some libraries. The biggest problem for the customer was, that since they couldn't understand code, it was very hard for them to change pictures, texts and other content. Therefore we redesigned the whole thing again. This time we did the whole website on top of WordPress, which gave them the necessary tools to change everything themselves.

As you can see, the redo of the website changed a few aspects and we added a lot of more functions to it thanks to WordPress. Since then, we added a web store for business customers and more. And more to come in the future as well.


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