Fahrschule Mayr Website

For FAHRSCHULE MAYR in Gallneukirchen I started to redesign the Logo a little bit. Since the company is around for over 20 years now, I had to be careful to make it still recognizable. With the boss of the company we made a few minor changes to the Logo, to make it look fresh and new. We also changed the old fonts in the Logo to make it printable on more, different print products.

Furthermore I redesigned the website. Since it was running on Joomla, I ported all the content over to a new WordPress site and build the whole web-presence from scratch. I also programmed new features to make the dates for upcoming driving lessons or exams more easy to update.

Since then a lot of stuff happened. We started to slim the whole thing down again, since the original theme in WordPress didn't deliver the wanted speed and reliability. The changes are happening right now and we will relaunch the whole site with a faster backbone.


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