KUNST ma helfen - Kunstprojekt

KUNST ma helfen - Kunstprojekt

Im Sommer 2019 begann ich die Arbeiten für das Projekt KUNST ma helfen in Gallneukirchen. Das Projekt wurde von Leopold Hackl-Lehner auf die Beine gestellt und ich hatte das Vergnügen das Projekt mit der Kamera zu begleiten und neben kleinen Teasern und einem Abschlussfilm auch einen Teil der Ausstellung zu produzieren.

Ein 10 Minütiges Video wurde für die Ausstellung von mir produziert, welches Fake News und die Geschichte sowie aktuelle Themen zeigt und auf kritische Weise vergleicht. Dieses Video ist in der Mitte der Ausstellung für ein Monat im Oktober 2019 zu sehen.

Alles Nichts

Alles Nichts Kurzfilm

Project expierence - basically a course in which we had to recreate the whole production pipeline of making a movie in one semester - was the reason for making this movie. Philipp Pölz and me started to work on his idea and tried to make it work in one semester. We had to change the story quite often and after filming in a location in Linz/Austria and also in the studio in Hagenberg, we started to render all the 3D scenes we needed.

The idea was to put our actor in a bubble in which he is save from all the stress in his life. But the bubble starts to rumble and at the end, bursts. After the final cut, we decided during the audio and sound design process, to re-cut the movie again. Because of various changes over the course of the making of the movie, we drifted away from the original story and therefore the first final cut didn't work anymore. But we are satisfied with the outcome. Victoria Wolfersberger was a great help in getting the sound design done in time.

Audio Plexus

Audio Plexus - abstrakte Animation

This small project was performed in our Master’s degree. Our task was to create some fort of picture for a pre-composed audio. After that, we had to compose our own audio to our animated video-material. The animation was created in Cineam4D and After Effects with PlugIn’s. The audio was composed in the audio studio in Hagenberg.

Audio Cube

Audio Cube - Abstrakte Animation



Home - Analoge ANimation

This short analog chained animation was produced in my fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree. It contains 15 different analog animation styles which were animated by 15 small groups. Over all about 46 people worked on this chained animation project. In the pre-production progress, we as a group decided to go with the refugee crises as a theme for our animation.

Therefore, Remo Rauscher wrote a poem and we split the sequences in 15 pieces and the production was ready. After two full days of animation for each team, in the post production the clips got cut together and with the audio from Roland Keil and a fitting voice, the movies was finished. We - my team and me - we created the intro scene with liquids on a light table.


ZUHAUSE (Home) - Analog Animation Class FH Hagenberg (Remo Rauscher, Jürgen Hagler) - (excerpt) from BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION on Vimeo.

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