Home - Analoge ANimation

This short analog chained animation was produced in my fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree. It contains 15 different analog animation styles which were animated by 15 small groups. Over all about 46 people worked on this chained animation project. In the pre-production progress, we as a group decided to go with the refugee crises as a theme for our animation.

Therefore, Remo Rauscher wrote a poem and we split the sequences in 15 pieces and the production was ready. After two full days of animation for each team, in the post production the clips got cut together and with the audio from Roland Keil and a fitting voice, the movies was finished. We - my team and me - we created the intro scene with liquids on a light table.


ZUHAUSE (Home) - Analog Animation Class FH Hagenberg (Remo Rauscher, Jürgen Hagler) - (excerpt) from BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION on Vimeo.

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