Videomarketing – How my enthusiasm can be beneficial

Video has always been an important part of my life. When I made my first money, I immediately bought a camcorder and made many small videos, which are still stored on a hard drive somewhere. I began to deal more and more with the topic of video and my passion for film grew. My passion for film is unrestrained and even today I watch an average of 5-6 films a week. Thank God my wife supports my crazy love. But what is it that made me so enthusiastic about video and why was my studies shaped by motion picture?

First let’s take a look at a few data and facts about video. We humans – especially younger generations – are addicted to video content. We spend an average of 5-6 hours a day watching videos. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram or other media, video is more relevant than ever. There are already initial estimates claiming that 69% of online content will soon be video.

More and more companies jump on the video train and prepare their information in videos. With the ability of moving images to display large amounts of information in a short time, more and more companies are using this route. In addition, statistics show that 84% like or share videos from brands, and over 64% say they’ve been influenced by videos. It’s not for nothing that huge brand deals are distributed to social media stars and influencers, as they can market the products much better to their viewers.

But why is video such a popular medium? Due to the ever shorter attention span of people, videos are perfect because they can be produced in any length and shape. From short 20-second spots to 3-minute videos, it can contain lots of information and entertain people. The goal is to tell a short story and captivate the viewer. Already in the first few seconds, a viewer decides whether he will see the video over, or will continue to scroll. Here it is important to create a gripping and emotional entry into the video to address the viewer. One big point, why I appreciate video so much, is the fact that this medium is universally understood and can be prepared quickly and that there is an enormous reach through social media. Telling little stories in short clips is not only useful, but important to add value for the audience.

Much of my work is video marketing, which is already happening in the US, but is only starting to get rolling in Austria. Nowadays it is important to have as a company not only a website, but also a social media site that provides information about the company, its products and news. With videos companies can communicate their brand much better to the outside, introduce and generate attention. Through constant precedence on social media channels, the brand is transported directly to the end devices of the target group and with a video, the brand remains much longer in the minds of consumers.

A well-produced video encourages conversation and statistically boosts sales. So 74% of the viewers of a product video finally buy the product. Companies do not send their top products to influential creators for nothing. Their fans trust this and in many cases watch a video on YouTube to be convinced before buying. If you multiply the reach of a creator with over 1 million subscribers, the result is already a good turnover. Speaking of trust. Videos build a better relationship of trust with a brand. If important information and interesting facts about a product are mentioned in a video, consumers prefer to buy, because they already know a lot about the product itself. Of course, even in a small country like Austria there are still many companies that do not want to run social media. But even on a website, a video can be used perfectly, in addition to the fact already mentioned, customers spend a lot of time on the website through the video, which in turn makes the Google rating happy. Websites with videos on the start page are listed much better than websites without videos on the start page.

Last but not least, I would like to focus on my favorite aspect of video: telling stories. Ideally, each video should tell a story that has been fishing the consumer lately. With simple techniques, a video can be suspenseful in the first few seconds or emotionally appealing that the video is viewed with certainty. Even a simple product video can tell a story that is told in an engaging and effective way. Explanatory videos are also very popular, which briefly explain what a product can and how it is used. No matter in which case, video can be used. Maybe animations are needed, no problem.

I love video and stories to tell. And I believe that many people – whether private individuals or companies – can benefit from my enthusiasm. Through my training, know-how, experience and network, small and larger projects can be completed without problems. Especially for short clips, as an individual I can produce a lot myself, which keeps the effort and the production time small and therefore more cost-effective. I would definitely look forward to working with you or your company and sharing your story together.

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