Whom Can I Blame - Official Music Video

Whom Can I Blame - Official Music Video

SOULEEN and Bustafied do another thing together - as in February . Due to the lockdown because of Covid-19 it was the task of the band to generate video material and to shoot videos under my direction or a script. Then I got to grips with the material and had to come up with a concept that on the one hand explains the different video material but also supports the meaning of the song. The official music video is now released.

The finished music video consists of three levels, each level being connected by Charlie (the mannequin). Charlie is the connecting element that represents the endless search for the guilty person. We search for guilt elsewhere first, before we find the guilt in ourselves. Stockfootage was used to illustrate the endless search.


The artwork - see picture - was initially surrounded in a first draft with a mystical concept. Charlie, portrayed several times, shows the endless possibilities of finding a guilty person. The second artwork - the burning question mark - was ultimately used because it was simpler and less mystical for the band. The meaning of the song nevertheless carries it very well.