Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Podcasts have been a part of our lives for almost 20 years. Whether entertaining podcasts, interviews, stories or scientific podcasts - the format allows almost anything.

For several years I had been thinking of producing a podcast, but couldn't find a topic in which I could develop myself. After a few discussions with my wife, we finally started TRANSLATING LOVE as a project together

With a RODE NT-USB we record the episodes in a low-reflection room and produce everything in-house. It was important to me to hand over the editing of the episodes and only take over the mastering and publishing. Learning about podcast production was one of the goals of this project .

Production of Podcasts

In addition to the actual preparation , market analysis and format concept , it is important to think about what you want to talk about.

  • How does the host situation work?
  • Are there interviews with guests?
  • Where do I host my podcast?
  • How do I distribute it on platforms? and much more.

An important aspect is the microphone , i.e. the recording quality and the recording situation. Background noise, reverberation or other background noises do not look very professional and can put off listeners. Which tool or software you use to record is pretty irrelevant, especially since there are so many free options.

Am Ende sollt man selbst ein Produkt veröffentlichen, dass gut, konsistent und unterhaltsam ist. „Ich würde mir diesen Podcast auch anhören“ – ein gutes Tool um zu evaluieren, ob eine Episode gelungen ist. Podcast Episoden erneut aufzunehmen oder komplett zu löschen ist auch ein Teil des Lernprozesses. TRANSLATING LOVE war für mich eine Übung und gleichzeitig ein Projekt mit meiner Frau.