My first job abroad

My first job abroad

My first job abroad is done. It was a great time. I know, it's been a few weeks since I wrote a blog post. It was just a lot to do and I did not really know what to write about. In addition, I was traveling for 16 days. Back in Austria, the work got underway and some new and exciting projects are waiting for me in the coming weeks.

But this blog post is mostly about my journey. In spring the owner of a Kitesurf school contacted me and was looking for someone to shoot a new video especially for the school in Montenegro. We discussed all the details and soon it became my first foreign assignment, which was to take place from the 18th to the 30th of June. The weekend before we were in the Netherlands and visited family and looked at Amsterdam with friends. After a short stop in Vienna, we went directly to Montenegro. The airport in Podgorica is tiny and in a few minutes we were already in the lobby, which was also the only hall. A taxi driver with a sign bearing my name was waiting for my wife and me.

After a somewhat annoying taxi ride - an accident and a phone bill explosion - we were dropped off directly on the beach. We looked for the kite school and made ourselves comfortable there. After a few minutes we got to know the owner and some of the teachers. We understood each other right away. At dinner we went through the details of the coming days. In addition to video shooting, the kite course was part of the deal for me. As an athlete and a fan of outdoor activities I was really looking forward to it, especially because of my hand. In addition, it sounded extremely dangerous to control a huge kite, as this can develop proper forces in a wrong move.

After the first few days it quickly became clear that kite surfing should not be a problem. Since I had to shoot some videos right on the beach, the wind conditions were always an important factor. If there were no kites, I could not or did not shoot at all. Using a drone, I also tried to capture the beach, the school and the kitesurfers at the sea. Although I am generally not a fan of drone recordings, in certain cases a drone is definitely an advantage. Especially for short flights over the beach, the old town or over an idyllic river, the drone was perfect for that. In the 12 days I produced a lot of gigabytes of material and I am currently editing the image film.

In addition to the great feeling of riding a surfboard over the sea and controlling a huge kite, the experience with the people and the new environment was very important to me. Since the time was measured, I always have to keep track of the remaining scenes, so as not to miss something. Therefore, it was important to view the material in the evening and to sort immediately, in order to be able to tackle any post-rotation faster. Since there was no visual storyboard, I was dependent on my ideas and knew exactly which settings I needed and which I had already in the box.

The wind was also crucial to the amount of different kitesurfing videos and thus the possibilities for later editing. The leap into the unknown and also out of my comfort zone was important for me to grow as a videographer or as a filmmaker. I am very grateful for the opportunity and for the beautiful and informative time in Montenegro and hope that I can deepen my skills at the next assignment abroad.

I am always happy about feedback, questions and comments. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Mein erster Auslandsjob”

  1. Danielle Kern

    It was such a lovely trip and the people were all so nice and welcoming! I loved seeing you work there and can’t wait for the final product!

  2. Servus Wolfgang,
    hat uns sehr gefreut dich kennen zu lernen. Sind schon super gespannt auf dein Video für die Kiterider Montenegro.
    Lg aus Graz,
    Stefan & Carmen

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